The pilot array project of four turbines in the Raz Blanchard is being developed by Normandie Hydroliennes (NH), a collaboration between three stakeholders with complementary expertise.



Industrial group focused on metalworking, mainly in the naval and energy sectors, organized around complementary and interconnected skills:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance

Proteus MR

A recognised international leader in the development, construction and operation of advanced, reliable and innovative tidal energy technology. Competencies include:

  • Engineering design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Offshore operation

Normandie Participations

As an investment fund of the Normandy Region, Normandie Participations supports regional start-ups and SMEs in their development projects via fundraising operations in the region.

  • Facilitation
  • Advice
  • Financing

Local value chain

At the heart of the regional economy, we work primarily with Norman industrial players. Access to a local value chain facilitates access to the infrastructure and skills needed to implement the pilot farm. The development of the project and the tidal turbine sector in Normandy will generate local business opportunities and create jobs.

This pilot project will create more than 1,250 direct and indirect jobs in Normandy by 2025/2026.